No matter what your level is in the volleyball arena, it is always important to work at achieving certain skills and techniques. Here are 10 tips in which you can achieve these goals.

1. Know the rules
Of course, you may know the basic rules. However, there are many rules that the beginner is not aware of. Over time, you will become acquainted with these. Talk to more experienced members of the team.

2. Know the terms
Besides basic terms, members of the team will also use slang which they expect you to know about. They will shout something to you during play and you should know what this is.

3. Practice your serve
Many players will serve in the same way. They may use the jump serve. The opposing team will get used to this. It is a good idea to use a little variety and to keep the team guessing.

4. Be accurate in passing the ball
Know who you are going to pass to and position your hands in the right place so that it is easier for the team player to get hold of the ball.

5. Hit with power
When you hit powerfully, it is more difficult for the opposite team to hit the ball back. Practice this with another player where you stand close to the net.

6. Know how to block
You can practice this by jumping. There are times when you have to work with other team members to block, and there are also times when you are alone at the net, for example.

7. Working as a team
This is a team sport, so you need to be able to work with your fellow team players. You can’t take control of the game on your own. They will give you signs of what you need to do, and you will have to obey them. You need to communicate during the game.

8. Rotate your positions
You may find that you are good at the net or at the back, serving. However, some players get stuck in their ways. You will improve when you try various positions. You will learn about different techniques depending on where you are standing.

9. Eye contact
It may seem obvious to say, “watch the ball”. However, it is important to keep your eyes on the ball from the time it has left the server’s hands. You need to be fully aware of what is happening. It is also important that you are not watching the players and their moves.

10. The right equipment
When you are comfortable, it can make the world of difference. Make sure you have the right shoes that are appropriate for the sport. You shouldn’t be slipping and sliding around on the court. This will affect your game.