What is the truth about this statement is hard to be proven but however sports injuries are in many cases very difficult to avoid. One of the ways to prevent injuries which occur while doing sport and sports performance is prevention. In this blog we look into, how one can avoid injury during sport and therefore what can be done.

Prevention in sports medicine

In sports medicine the physicians have a large number of options for the prevention of injuries. Among the traditional methods in medical prevention the doctors classify the nature of non-steroidal anti-rheumatic drugs through preparations for viscosupplementation of the knee joint to the platelet-derived growth factors that accelerate the healing process. Among the effective supplements for prevention we include the ones which have a certain amount of collagen. These products are used by athletes with inflamed tendon, for those who want to continue training or the athletes with an injury which are not stabilized yet. These kinds of athletes do not have to interrupt the training if they applied collagen supplement which allows avoiding deterioration.

Stretching as a prevention

Stretching is one of the main types of prevention. Many athletes underestimate stretching and do not pay the attention to it as they should. If we underestimate it then the possibility of injuries during the sports performance increases. It is important that the stretching is applied from the very beginning when the young athletes begin to do sport. It is essential that the coach properly explains to their small athletes how to practice stretching properly before and after training. Young players need to get some stretching habits for the future and gradually take stretching as something they do every day. As long as you don’t give your muscles what they need, they will start to solidify and they will gradually reduce the body growth and muscle mass.

Proper diet

With proper diet when preventing injury it is important to say that it does not have such interest in the prevention of injury which results from overtraining. However, diet forms the structure of our body and if we can hold a proper diet, we can stand more training and we can partially avoid the injury from overtraining. The worst thing in your diet, which helps you to bring injuries, is to eat a little. But how do you discover when you have enough food? You don’t have to overreact to count the calories. It will be fine when you just track your daily workout and weight. If you won’t receive enough food, the first signal will be the decrease of training performance. And when you are in a catabolic state, your weight will go down, while your body fat percentage remains the same, which means that you lose muscle mass and not fat. In many sports it comes to so-called stress fracture and it affects mainly those who have a low value of bones, so it is very important to have an intake of calcium for the prevention of stress fracture.